What You Will

No script. No blocking. 'What You Will' provides two bodies, two brains, two mouths. And you provide everything else. Governed by three simple ‘laws’ and a series of screens to play timekeeper, two ‘performers’ allow twenty participants to dictate their every action in front of a non-participating audience. They want to be entertained, so don’t disappoint. Created for live art and experimental performance festivals, WHAT YOU WILL was a piece about people coming together to do something thrillingly unpredictable. It was about responsibility: to ‘seize the day’ as much as ‘respect’. The results were thrilling, accessible to audience members who'd never normally consider watching a piece of live art - and usually a little ugly.

Client: Tit4Twat Theatre Date: 2015- 2017 Services: Live Art (Durational)

Launch Project

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